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Ironing Board Coffee Table Project

Ironing Board Project

The inspiration for the ironing board coffee table came from a piece my mother-in-law has in her living room. I admired how simple it was in form but served the basic use of a coffee table. This lead me to discuss the method of doing laundry with her. Years ago, it was a much more involved task than today. Discussions with many individuals from the previous generation showed me the ingenuity of the Appalachian people by the different methods of doing laundry. I began to think of how to incorporate this into The Appalachian Heritage Woodshop episode on laundry. I was shocked when I found out there still was a factory in the Appalachian region that makes wash boards using old machinery. My wife and I decided to drive there and check out the place. When I returned I began designing several pieces of furniture that incorporated the wash board.


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Ironing Board Coffee TableIroning Board Coffee TableIroning Board Coffee Table
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