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Bible Box Project

Like all woodworkers, I am constantly looking at different styles, uses and designs of boxes. Recently I had a discussion with a customer about Bible Boxes. So, I decided to design a unique Bible Box that could be built with simple hand tools or machinery and would reflect the Appalachian culture. My first thought was to the hardware - it would have to be something that could easily be made instead of purchased to reflect the time and self-reliance of the Appalachian people. Second, it would have to stand the test of time under an adverse climate. This lead me to use a metal pivot pin as the hinge and a frame and panel lid. Dovetailed corners on the box would obviously have been used generations ago so I stayed with that design type. A bottom applied with nails or wooden dowels finalized the design. After a couple of prototypes, the final size and design was a success.

I was thrilled when my brother contacted me concerning some family history he had researched recently and discovered our family had a very old Family Bible. So, I began building one to house our Family Bible. This was the ultimate exclamation point on the Appalachian Heritage Woodshop's Bible Box.


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