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Preserving the Past.

The purpose of The Appalachian Heritage Woodshop™ is to educate our audience about the form and function of utilitarian Appalachian furniture by revisiting the era through video vignettes. By learning about the function of antique furniture, we gain insight into the value of these historic relics.

The design of early Appalachian furniture made it possible for routine, arduous chores to be performed more efficiently. We can see the ingenuity of the people by the designs of their furniture.

The method of construction was important to ensure each piece stood up to the constant use for which it was designed and to prolong the life of the furniture. By reproducing these pieces and showing them being used in their natural setting, the public can learn more about the lost Appalachian lifestyles.

Airing on West Virginia Public Broadcasting

13 New Episodes beginning Saturday, June 19 - 12:30PM


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